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45 Results
Hindsight —Johansen, Iris, author.
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Investigator Kendra Michaels -- whose former blindness has left her with uniquely insightful observational skills -- must put her life on the line to catch a terrifying murderer setting his sights on some of society's mo...

Deadlock. Blood game —Johansen, Iris author.
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Return to Santa Flores —Johansen, Iris, author.
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Jenny Cashman has returned from school in Europe to declare her love for Steve Jason, the casino owner who adopted her after her father died. Desperate to show him the woman she has become, she would do anything to get h...

Vendetta a novel —Johansen, Iris, author.
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With his dying breath, Carl Venable, head of the CIA task force on terrorism and Jude Brandon's final link to terrorist ringleader Max Huber, gives Brandon a mandate: to keep his daughter, Rachel, safe at any cost. But R...

Star light, star bright Sedikhan series, book 13. —Johansen, Iris, author

#1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen weaves an intoxicating tale of soul mates, seduction, and the allure of the impossible. Gunner Nilsen is a man on intimate terms with danger. His latest assignmen...

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