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The West Wing. The complete 1st season

Headed by President Josiah Bartlet, demonstrates that office politics are the same everywhere; things just have greater repercussions when your office happens to be the White House. Stories surround the President; his de...

The West Wing. The complete 2nd season

The President and staff have been targeted for disruption by rival politicians, soon after being targeted by would-be assassins. The President heads through midterm elections and into a crisis that leads to allegations o...

The West Wing. The complete 4th season

Follow the re-election of President Bartlet to his second term in this 22 episode fourth season.

The West Wing. The complete 6th season

The presidential race is on, with Senator Arnold Vinick as the Republican frontrunner and Matthew Santos vying for the hotly contested Democratic presidential nomination.

Pandora's seed : the unforseen costs of civilization —Wells, Spencer, 1969-

The author of The Journey of Man examines our cultural inheritance in order to find the turning point that led us to the path we are on today, one he believes we must veer from in order to survive.

The West Wing. the complete third season

The third season storylines include the investigation into the alleged cover-up of President Bartlet's illness, the early bid for a second term and confrontations with global terrorism. Reel-life and real-life events pro...

The West Wing. The complete 7th season

This season chronicles the transition between the administration of President Bartlet and the race for the new presidency between Congressman Santos and Senator Vinick.

The journey of man a genetic odyssey —Wells, Spencer, 1969-

Around 60,000 years ago, a man, genetically identical to us, lived in Africa. Every person alive today is descended from him. How did this real-life Adam wind up as the father of us all? What happened to the descendants ...

The human family tree

"Join geneticist Spencer Wells and a team from National Geographic's Genographic Project as they trace the human journey through time, from our origins in the heart of Africa to the ends of the world. Cutting edge scienc...

The Hadza last of the first

One of the last true hunter-gatherer tribes, the East African Hadza try to maintain their sustainable lifestyle. They have lived on their land near the Rift Valley in Tanzania for over 50,000 years. Like other indigenous...