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Permanent astonishment —Highway, Tomson, 1951- author.

In 1990 Rene Highway, a world-renowned dancer, died of an AIDS-related illness. 'Permanent Astonishment' is Tomson Highway's extravagant embrace of his younger brother's final words: "Dont mourn me, be joyful." Infused w...

Dry lips oughta move to Kapuskasing : a play —Highway, Tomson, 1951- author

"Tells another story of the mythical Wasaychigan Hill Indian Reserve, also the setting for Tomson Highway's award winning play The Rez Sisters. Where in The Rez Sisters the focus was on seven "Wasy" women and the game of...

Kiss of the fur queen —Highway, Tomson, 1951- author.

Kiss of the Fur Queen is a novel by Tomson Highway, first published by Doubleday Canada in September 1998. The novel's main characters are Champion and Ooneemeetoo Okimasis, two young Cree brothers from Eemanipiteepitat ...

Fox on the ice / Maageesees maskwameek kaapit / Tomson Highway ; osisopéhikéwina Brian Deines. —Highway, Tomson, 1951- author

One winter afternoon, Joe and Cody went ice fishing with their papa, their mama, and Cody's little black dog, Ootsie. It was the perfect day to fish. The sky was clear, and the sun made the snow sparkle like diamonds. Br...

Caribou song —Highway, Tomson, 1951- author

Joe and Cody are brothers who follow the caribou (ateek) all year long. Joe plays the accordion (kitoochigan) and Cody dances to entice the wandering caribou. But when thousands of caribou heed their call, the boys becom...

From oral to written : a celebration of Indigenous literature in Canada, 1980-2010 —Highway, Tomson, 1951- author.

"Aboriginal Canadians tell their own stories, about their own people, in their own voice, from their own perspective. If as recently as forty years ago there was no recognizable body of work by Canadian writers, as recen...

The rez sisters : a play in two acts —Highway, Tomson, 1951- author

Tired of losing at Bingo, a group of seven sisters band together to beat the system and secure their financial future. Evoking the harsh realities and impossible dreams that come to life on Canada's Native reserves, The ...

A tale of monstrous extravagance : imagining multilingualism —Highway, Tomson, 1951- author

Playwright, novelist, polyglot, pianist, trickster Tomson Highway's Henry Kreisel Lecture on the importance of multilingualism.

Dragonfly kites —Highway, Tomson, 1951- author

Joe and Cody may live far from other people, but that deosn't mean they are lonely. The surrounding wildlife lake wonderful friends. But the dragonflies are their favourites. Transforming them into gossamer kites, Joe an...

The rez sisters a play in two acts —Highway, Tomson, 1951- author
DAISY Sound Recording
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Seven women attempt to beat the odds by winning the biggest bingo in the world and escaping their tortured lives.

Life & Times. Tomson Highway
DVD] :thank You For The Love You Gave
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In this moving documentary, Life & Times takes viewers behind-the-scenes into the world of a passionate, creative artist who reveals himself through his many accomplishments - music, playwriting, and novel writing. Inclu...

Life & Times. Tomson Highway
DVD] :native Voice
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A profile of Tomson Highway, Canada's foremost native playwright. Includes excerpts from his play Dry Lips oughta move to Kapuskasing.

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