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America before : the key to Earth's lost civilization —Hancock, Graham, author.

Was an advanced civilization lost to history in the global cataclysm that ended the last Ice Age? Graham Hancockhas made it his life's work to find out -- and in America Before, he draws on the latest archaeological and ...

2012 science or superstition

Examines interpretations of the ancient Mayan Long Count Calendar which ends on Dec. 21, 2012, implying a worldwide catastrophe or possible apocalypse.

Return of the plumed serpent —Hancock, Graham, author.

After routing the Maya at the battle of Potonchan, the conquistador Hernan Cortes turns his attention to the much bigger prize of the Aztecs and their golden city Tenochtitlan. But in order to win the Aztecs' gold Cortes...

Magicians of the Gods the forgotten wisdom of earth's lost civilization —Hancock, Graham, author, narrator.
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Near the end of the last Ice Age, a giant comet caused a global cataclysm, wiping out Earth's earliest civilization, a second soon followed. But, there were survivors who settled at key locations Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, ...

The message of the Sphinx a quest for the hidden legacy of mankind —Hancock, Graham.
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Hancock and Bauval attempt to decipher the mysteries of the Great Sphinx of Egypt, which they claim is eight thousand years older than formerly believed. The authors use computer simulations of ancient skies to support t...

Ancient mariners

Off Japan's Pacific Islands, Hancock scuba dives to examine a magnificent underwater structure that some think is the product of an ancient and previously unknown civilization. From Japan to Micronesia to Easter Island,...

Heaven's mirror

From the outer Hebrides to southern Europe and from Egypt to the Americas, Graham Hancock uncovers astonishing astronomical evidence, consistencies in the use of giant stones, and repeating, mythical themes about our ori...

Forgotten knowledge

As Hancock continues his quest, attempting to unravel the complex symbolism between the sky and ground, he finds an increasing number of unexplained links between the early cultures of Cambodia, Mexico and Egypt. Decodi...

Fingerprints of the gods —Hancock, Graham.
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The author compiles compelling evidence of a technologically and culturally advanced civilization that he argues was destroyed from human memory. To do this he used data from archaeology, astronomy, geology and computer ...