Authoritarian nightmare : Trump and his followers
—Dean, John W. (John Wesley), 1938- author.
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How did America end up with a leader who acts so crudely and despotically, and counter to our democratic principles? Why do his followers stick with him, even when he acts against their interests? To fully understand, John Dean, a man with a history of standing up to autocratic presidents, joins with Bob Altemeyer, a psychology professor with a unique area of expertise - authoritarianism. Together, using psychological diagnostic tools, as well as exclusive research and analysis from the Monmouth University Polling Institute - one of America's most respected public opinion research foundations - the authors provide us with an eye-opening understanding of the Trump phenomenon... and what we may be able to do to stop it. -- Back cover.

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Authoritarianism -- United States.
Populism -- United States.
Trump, Donald, 1946-
United States -- Politics and government -- 2017-
Other Authors:
Altemeyer, Bob, 1940- author.
xv, 352 pages : illustrations, charts ; 24 cm.
Other Title:
Trump and his followers
Includes bibliographical references.
Chapter 1 Donald Trump, COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and Authoritarianism p. 3
Chapter 2 Trump's Youth: The Child Who Is the Father of the Child p. 30
Chapter 3 Trump's Life from 1968 to 2016: Ecstasy, Agony, Fakery, Fraud p. 51
Chapter 4 Trump's Past as Presidential Prologue p. 78
Chapter 5 Donald Trump Base: Part I-Social Dominators p. 104
Chapter 6 Donald Trump Base: Part II-Authoritarian Followers p. 124
Chapter 7 Disturbing Attitudes and Mental Shortcomings of Authoritarian Followers p. 150
Chapter 8 Loyal Followers: Why Evangelicals Support Trump p. 174
Chapter 9 "Double Highs" Authoritarians p. 195
Chapter 10 National Survey on Authoritarianism p. 214
Chapter 11 Trump's Authoritarian Enablers p. 231
Chapter 12 November 2020 Election Will Decide the Fate of America's Democracy p. 261.
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