Kaleidoscope a Joanne Kilbourn mystery

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Published 2013
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"Security for any one of us lies in greater abundance for all of us" ? this was for many years the core of Joanne's political beliefs, and on the day she retires from her university teaching post, she has a dream about her first husband (murdered many years ago), and this line comes back vividly in it. Soon, she is forced to experience the truth of what, for most of her life, had just been a good closing line for a political speech. When terrible things begin to happen, Joanne begins to understand what it's like to live in a world where she can count on nothing. Includes sex and violence. c2012. (Joanne Kilbourn mysteries)

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Toronto : CNIB, 2013.
1 computer laser optical disc (9 hrs., 34 min.) : sd. ; 12 cm.
Barbara Lord.
Audio and text.
Toronto : McClelland & Stewart, c2012. 318 p. 9780771016899
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