June 2021 Literacy Activities

A full month of literacy activities to share with your child!

Download your calendar using the links below or visit your local Palliser library branch for a printed copy. Then scroll down for book recommendations, printables, and other resources to go along with your calendar!


June Early Literacy Calendar

Download June Early Literacy Calendar (for infants and pre-school children)


June Children's Activity Calendar

Download June Children's Literacy Calendar (for elementary-aged children)




June Early Literacy Calendar

(For infants and pre-schoolers)

Don't have your June Early Literacy Calendar yet? Download it for free here or visit your local library for a printed copy.


June 6th: Make a paper bag puppet.


June 18th: Go to the library and pick out a book about summer.


New at the Library


Books for Parents




June Children's Literacy Calendar

(For elementary-aged children)

Don't have your June Children's Literacy Calendar yet? Download it for free here or visit your local library for a printed copy.


June 2nd: Listen to an audiobook tonight.


June 3rd: Find an interesting fact about the ocean!

  • The perfect place to learn new fun facts is Gale in Context: Elementary, the kid-friendly research database! Click the link here or go to "E-Resources" in the menu above to get started.


June 4th: Make a craft or invention with recycled materials.

  • Do you need some ideas to get you started? Check out this page to get a wide variety of crafts you can make using recycled materials!


June 5th: Nutrien Children's Festival of Saskatchewan

  • Take part in the online Children’s Festival of Saskatchewan! It is completely free and runs from June 5th to June 8th!
  • Activities include live performances, author readings, a virtual scavenger hunt, and more!


June 7th: Become a master chef and learn how to make a yummy dessert!


June 9th: Learn how to perform a magic trick!


June 16th: Read a book about our impact on the environment and what we can do to help.


June 21st: National Indigenous Peoples Day


June 22nd: Province and Territory search!

  1. Download and print this free printable from Printable Maps.
  2. See how many provinces and territories you can name!
  3. Check the answers here to see how many you got right!


June 23rd: Water glass music

  • Learn how to create an instrument out of water and glasses with these instructions from GreatSchools.org!


June 27th: Pick a chapter book that you can read to your child.