Mike and Edie Klein Branch of the Year Award

2019 Winner: Davidson Public Library

Honourable Mention: Bethune Public Library


Congratulations to Davidson on earning The Mike and Edie Klein Branch of the Year, 2019, and Bethune on Honourable Mention. This award, established in 1981 to encourage the pursuit of excellence and to recognize a branch library for significant overall improvement in service to the community, was renamed in 2017 to honour Mike and Edie Klein and their dedicated service to Palliser Regional Library. These libraries demonstrated exemplary patron services through library statistics, improvements to facilities, active board members, community partnerships, fund-raising projects, library promotions, programming, and compliance with Palliser Regional Library policies. 


Davidson Branch of the Year
Rural supervisor, Kari Hennenfent, presenting the award to the staff and board members of Davidson Public Library.


Davidson stands out with increased circulation and programming geared around identified needs in the community. Victoria Martin as Branch Librarian, along with Tracey Blenkin as Assistant Branch Librarian, and the Davidson Library Board and volunteers created a community garden and green space and expanded and scheduled programming around the communities needs, availabilities, and interests. This includes the creation of Library Leaders, youth volunteers dedicating their time to help with programming, parade floats, and projects in the library. The Davidson Library continued to maintain their previous programming including Read & Rhyme, LEGO Club, Crafternoon Sessions, Everyone's Book Club and the participation and hosting of Live History. Working together with the Town of Davidson, Communities in Bloom, and through donations from the R.M. of Arm River and grants from Affinity Credit Union, not only was the backyard transformed for programming space and a Community Garden developed, but the interior of the building is being updated with new windows and paint. Davidson truly supports the library as a place for community.


Honourable Mention Given to Bethune
Rural Supervisor, Kari Hennenfent, presenting the Honourable Mention to the head librarian and board member of Bethune Public Library.


Bethune Library led by Branch Librarian, Robbie Curtis and Board President Debra Thompson also stood out to the committee as exemplary in service and partnerships. These partnerships include the Bethune Lions Club, Bethune Youth Project Group, the Bethune Starsations Dance Club, and the Bethune Recreation Board, as well as area schools. When the Play Patrol program was cut, Bethune Library stepped in with funding help from the Bethune Youth Project and Bethune Recreation Board to offer 50 hours of play patrol. Other programs that are ongoing and supported by the community include Story Hour, Lego Club, Summer Reading Club, Book Club, Books for the Sick, Community in Motion. Bethune Library is truly an important part of the community with many patrons contacting Palliser Regional Library about the great work Robbie, the Library Board, and volunteers do to keep Bethune Library as an asset to the community. 


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